Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Here Again! Gotta Love it!

I simply love Halloween.  Mostly because I have always loved scary movies and that led to one love affair after another with the different Hollywood iconic symbols of the time....first scary movie I remember seeing was after a sort of funny situattion - I asked if I could stay up to watch "Thriller Diller".  I was 6 yrs old and staying with a couple who were good family friends. I told them it was a Phyllis Diller movie.  They agreed.

 But it turned out to be a sort of 'swamp thing' style movie and scared the heck out of me but I couldn't take my eyes off the tv. Well, a lot of movies later and I still enjoy them....I'm just a little more sophisticated about them now. I've expanded to international films...last year, we watched a South Korean movie by director Bong Joon-ho,  'The Host' which was an excellent toss-up between funny and scary even with the terrible english translating service.  I'm sure an Americanized version will be along soon.

 Sometimes I just love 'haunting' style movies - like 'The Gift' - which is what I watched this year. I watched it twice. I just love the ending - won't say in case someone reading this has yet to see it.  And I had a little dose more of those ol' Southern style movies with their creepy elements of the deep south and effectively eerie fiddler music, such as 'The Skeleton Key'.

We also went on our traditional walk around the neighbourhood last night. Chilly outside but we dressed up our dog's an orange coat with a pumpkin face and put his little red blinking light on and off we went. It was fun running into groups of halloween'd children walking together - you could see the excitement written all over them - some things never change!  We found excellent dressed up properties as well. One in particular was great! It actually was scaring the dickens out of people.

Other than that, I was a little too busy to do my own things like decorations. Sad but true. I received 2 cards however - that was fun! One is from a friend in the US and I am sooo sorry I didn't get one off to you! I'll make it up next year! If you look at Tammy's card, you can see she did all that scroll work by hand! Nice Tammy!  Love the lil witch boots, lol!

The other card I received is from another SU Demonstrator - and I am showing it to you as it arrived - in our clear envelopes, which, yes, you can mail in!  Just add a postage stamp and the Post Office will deliver, and its kinda different right?

Oh by the way, Happy Anniversary Caroline!

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