Sunday, November 1, 2009

Book Cover

Best Ghost Stories Bookcover 019
Lol! I was up to my christmas projects this morning when I passed a paperback book I had out – one I had intended to read during ‘downtime’ this past month….when an idea instantly formed and made me switch to this project!  Talk about short attention span! 
Well, actually its because I’ve borrowed a friend’s Stampin Up Alphabet Stamp Set, a beautiful one with flourished detail. And I have been seeking out projects to complete while I have it.
Now this book is important to my collection, and its tattered badly.  Not likely to find another book like it, I had protected it with a home-made paper bookcover but it was just a scribble and it too was torn.  So I made a new one!
I’ll let the pictures do the talking, but basically I stamped away, did some distressing and stamped the title with 2 different stamp sets.
I’m sure most of you have made a bookcover during your primary days in school, so you are familiar with this. Its straightforward, measure and make your folds, cut.
I also made a matching bookmark – and used Stampin! Up’s small “slit” punch to make it slide easily on the page! Voila! (I made the sides of the slit a teeny bit longer with my kraft knife)
The only fun thing I did differently was I made a small label for the home library by stamping a corresponding image and punching it out with our 1 inch circle punch and attaching it to the spine – so simple but effective!!  I will dream up other images to do the same thing for my other paperbacks. A new project – for the new year, lol!   PS - the strangest thing - late this same day, The Turner Classic Movie Channel showed a movie by this same obscure author!  Uncle Silas was the only book that was chosen for a modern movie {modern in the sense of this century}....he was well-followed back in his day, but most people wouldn't recognize his name even though he is regarded as the inventor of the 'psychological' thriller/ghost story! He completely reformed the shrieking, chain-clanging Victorian ghost stories into stories usually regarding the tense, over-wraught hero either succumbing to some terrible supernatural tragedy {whether real or imagined} or over-coming it. Anyways, I couldn't believe that the day I pulled up this book - that his movie showed up that night!  Co-incidence?  I think not!  :o
Best Ghost Stories Bookcover 013
Best Ghost Stories Bookcover 009
Best Ghost Stories Bookcover 016
Best Ghost Stories Bookcover 010
Best Ghost Stories Bookcover 011
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