Saturday, October 3, 2009

Small but Sweet Notecards

Would you like to make something small for a change?  I feel like that sometimes!   This is where I might feel like preparing some new accents from scraps of paper and just having fun with my supplies ..... or I may not have much room to add a larger card in a package I'm mailing!

What-ever prompts me, I always find them so darn cute!

 Here are some I made lately.....

First I scrounge around to find some paper....these are from our DESIGNER PAPERS and in particular, the Raspberry Lemonade set....

And then I used my SIZZLET dies - because they are perfect for using up scraps.....and because they come as a pack of 4 with each one containing up to 3 or 4 designs - that's like having up to 20 choices so you can mix and match  your themes up!  Sweet!

 I have covered this small die with several scraps...and as you can see, I start to build a small collection in no time!

Then take a small 3x6 in paper cardstock and maybe more interesting paper for another layer and build your notecard bit by bit - I really get into this at this point because the designing is nothing more than moving around pieces to see what you like!
You really can't go wrong!

Look at my chocolate bird...he's been stamped with some swirls in white craft ink! I used our 1/2 in circle punch to create a center for the yellow flower.
And....I made double-use of some stickers that were in a calendar kit of all things - see my picket fence in the card in the background - well, those are arrow tabs, :) and then some bits meant to note important dates.  I also chose to stamp out my greeting and then cut that into bits before re-assembling it back onto the notecard....see here's a close-up...

It might be a bit time-consuming because I find I get ' lost ' in doing the small details, its my own personal choice - but that's the point sometimes, just to relax and use that special 'me' time when you can.....but if you were in need of something quick, stick to simple designs because on small notecards, simple is fabulous as well!

This card is actually one of the flower designs in the same  Sizzlet  set as the bird; matching large and small  flowers with a soft, stitched border around their centers  and layered with our 1 in. circle punch.  Mix and Match!

So that was fun - a good time and then back to daily life!

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