Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Party?…..Ideas for decorating the table and party treats. Part 2.

Back for more…..and I will speed it up because the looooooong week-end is nearly here!  I want to laugh – and cry – because its another week-end, but our last of our official summer!!!  Feeling torn – BUT – there is no confusion about having great and fun options for easy table decorating!  So here we go! :)

Especially for fun times, today I am showing off a pop bottle recycling project!

Take your average  2 L soda pop bottle, label removed – an empty or one with the drink still in it – you will be decorating the bottle only so if you use an empty one,  fill it with homemade or store bought punch….OR….use it as a vase and make a cute display with a sprig of flowers, and leaves.  Easy!  Remember – your imagination can fill in where I leave off …..



2 Litre Soda Pop Bottle;                                                       (2) 12x12” decorative papers                       adhesive;                                                                               Big Shot Bigz Flowers,Daisies #2 Die {substitute a fabric flower};                                                                                    small circle punch;                                                                                    flower sequin and brad;                                                                                      ink or chalk.                                                                                      [* Stampin’ Up! Supplies include Big Shot Die, punch]

 Technique  -

I will let the pictures show what I have done as it is fairly easy – but a quick run down would be: remove label from pop bottle and  cut paper to wrap and re-cover the bottle – this is the main band.

misc july stamps party projects 011

misc july stamps party projects 018

misc july stamps party projects 020

Cut a co-ordinating narrow strip of paper (#2) as the belt connecting to the flower.  I tore the edges gently all down the length for added interest.

misc july stamps party projects 021

Next – create the main focal point – the flower using the Big Shot and Bigz Die, Flower, Daisies #2.  I layered the flower pieces and held them together with a floral sequin and brad and attached it to the belt.

misc july stamps party projects 029

I followed the design from one of the plates – and chose my colours that way. To match the design of the plates, I inked on a  deeper blue to the edges of my lighter blue paper. I also brought in the deeper red with my choice of sequin and brad.

Party II Candy Pop Bottle 008 (2)

Party II Candy Pop Bottle 012

My theme – a real kaleidoscope of colours – its party! ! 

So with  the simplest of supplies – you can have a festive mood with the extra custom touches your guests will notice and enjoy!

Next ….stayed tuned!  Part 3!

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