Sunday, July 5, 2009

More Black Glitter and Garden themes!

So waking up this morning to promptly go look at last night's card, (see previous post)....I still had the glitter out and I thought I'd do something more with it before putting it away.

Now - believe it or not - but this rose-coloured border card - was made last summer! At that time I did not have any way of making butterflies - but a simple butterfly would compliment the exotic border stamp. Designing the card, I was playing with border motifs and it seemed to me the only other piece I could add to this would need to be a) large and b) graphic. Basic enough yet interesting to contrast with the busy borders. Hence - the butterfly.

Nowadays, I have the Butterflies Bigz Die (from you-know-who) .....and I thought being coated in black glitter would also be just the thing!

So - I guess what I am trying to say - is that everytime I try to stretch my imagination, I always end up with a interesting card!

Hope you like it - :)

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