Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Re-decorated Craft Room ......is 99% ready!!! Thanks to...

Ahhh...I now have a smart new craft room to saunter into.....and take my morning cup of coffee into tomorrow! I have it organized 'nearly' and its all mainly due to the help of my lovely, lovely, did I say lovely daughter, Alexandria! As you may know, I hurt my wrists earlier in April and that was the day we started to clear out the room - which was like a storage 'mess' - nay, horror...and we spread it out everywhere. Then ka-put! my wrists went, and all I had to do was think up instructions for my daughter [she likes lists - and I hate writing lists] - I could barely do anything constructive - so that was hard - on us both! But she was a real trooper - and did everything she could to make it happen for me. My wrists are slowly better now, and I can do a whole lot more which is a big help. But we couldn't do the heavy stuff, so thanks goes out to:

Special Mention goes to "Margaret M."- who came over at our request and helped Alex to put together the bookshelf!!! Yeah Margaret! She always helps us when we ask and is very gracious about it! She comes from a fabulous family and whose attitude is wonderful!
Thanks even to the furniture man from T & T Furniture Assembly, Lee, who put together the desk cheerfully - he is going to be in Criminal Psychology I believe, so I hope he makes it! Thanks to my friendly delivery UPS man who brought up all my furniture as I ordered it from the Office Depot {they sent one order in 3 parts - oh vie!} - he is always our best delivery guy!

Thanks to our neighbor, Bruce - who always comes and helps me with our 'handyman' jobs like today as he tightened bolts and explained some problem areas so we can fix them! He is a very nice man and has a lovely wife & family, Alijca, and daughter and son.

But once again - the biggest thanks goes to my daughter oxox
Now - what does it look like you ask? Its pink with orange! I originally took the basic premise from one of Stampin' Up!'s decorated rooms at their Riverton location - it has a border with various squares of chalkboard, corkboard, and so on....all painted in 3 different colors than that of the wall. But I chose a simplier plan with one border and it will have various accent colours when all is done. Very functional too! Anyways - we are having fun putting the finishing touches and I am sure there will be more as time goes on.

Sadly, I had to give up my desk - my vintage, solid, big desk!!!! Cry! It was the best - for ONE person! My plans to expand its top to allow for more people to have leg room went away as we found glitches too numerous to warrant that. But Alex hit the jackpot again, and found me a desk from a fella who kindly brought it to us - its solid and we can all sit around it this time. Isn't Kijiji great! You can find so many things!
So here is a peek at the girls working hard for me - pizza was their only reward! Well, maybe a hint of gratification at following instructions - and helping me! I am sure they loved seeing their finished project too - they did great!
And I will post pics soon after my first class in the new room - so as to not spoil the effect! Maybe I will show another hint, lol!
Sigh...feels great!

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craftypixie said...

How lovely to have your own craft room Bev and thanks to your daughter and friends for making it possible
Can u email me your phone number please??? as my book with phone numbers is packed up in the loft!! one work top up ready and thats about it,things have been pretty hectic here
Love your blog great cards,hope alls good with you? thanks for the kind comments on my blog.
Hugs Wendy xx