Friday, June 19, 2009

Morning Coffee with Beverly

Hi sister crafters!

... I am now armed with my cup of coffee in hand...feeling all is good in the world - uhmmmm coffee!!

WELCOME to my 'creative space'!
...and this morning I am just going to poke around...let's see....What comes to mind?  I scan the table - what to do, what to do - something!
Hmmmm...there's a lot of left-over scraps of OK! I have always wanted to decorate 'the envelope! So lets!

I mean we always decorate cards - BUT the envelopes can be a whole lotta FUN too. And some easy-smeasy way - nothing fancy!
OK - 45 mins later.........ta da!
I made the card by using strips from scraps of Designer Series Papers that I have owned, and featuring the Oval Punch & Scalloped Oval Punch - my two latest.
The envelope was more a labour or love....I cut away with my cutter to make strips, glued and re-formed the size of the envelope just a tad.
Tearing open the envelope is a bit tricky....but its not a problem...most of the areas were getting covered by the strips - you can do what-ever you wish.
So .....there they are! And I think the whole thing is darling!
I should send this to a family member who is probably over-due for a card anyway, lol!
Well, I am off to re-fill my coffee...See you next time!

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