Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Masculine Card - using Cookie Cutter!

I have done this once before where I traced a copper cookie cutter I own, a fleur-de-lis design, and used it as a template for a card!

But this time around, I went with darker tones and a medieval theme. And I went 'big' using a full sheet of 8.5 x 11 - because someone I know {you know who you are! :)} is always after me to show them a 'BIG' card - so here it is!
Need: a cookie cutter of choice
stamp to co-ordinate with cookie cutter
ink & cardstock 8.5x11 in 2 colours of choice
wheel - Illuminations
ruler - to measure out diamond shapes, arch
How to: on one colour 8.5x11 cardstock {ie. black}, fold in half lengthwise and.....
a) begin by tracing out cookie cutter on 2nd colour cardstock to make a cookie cutter shape,
-cut outline of cookie cutter shape with scissors, ink edges for distressed look, and decorate with your stamp using the 'stamping off' technique to get the lighter 'background' images, set aside,
-take your main stamp {i.e. fleur-de-lis stamp}, stamp 3x onto a scrap of the same cardstock , cut each image out, set them aside,
-glue your cut-out stamped images on {I chose to glue mine inside a border I inked on with a 'line' stamp - but you can also create a border by using tape.} and/or use glue dots to attach them,
b) meanwhile, make a border using same cardstock as cookie cutter ,
-decorate your border and distress edge with slightly darker coloured ink {use a co-ordinating colour as cardstock or a greyish colour}, {use ruler to make diamond shapes, cut out}
add brads to border,
-glue border near bottom third of card
c)glue down cookie cutter cut-out shape
d) using an 'arch' shape mask {cut out large arch shape with scrap cardstock and tape or hold down over cookie cutter cut-out and some bordering area} and ink on a design to top corners with a large stamp, or wheel stamp {Illuminations wheel, Stampin' Up!}...also 'chalk' on an arch shape using ink along edges of arch mask and can decorate bottom edge with same wheel design.
Take your time - its not very hard, just a bit time consuming. Use with any cookie cutter too.
Note - all supplies by Stampin' Up! [black cardstock, green galore cardstock, black ink, silver brads, retired fleur-de-lis stamp, Illuminations stamp wheel]
The Illuminations Wheel is due to retire - so here's a chance to order one if you'd like!
Colors- cardstock, black, green galore......stamps - fleur-de-lis, Illuminations wheel....inks-white craft, black classic.....accessories-silver brads, .........all supplies Stampin' Up! Cookie cutter from personal baking collection.

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