Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hello! Just chit chat.....

Thought I'd show you where I went to 'work' today! Deciding to take my paperwork with me and work in a pleasant atmosphere at the same time, I took off to a large office complex near me and this is where I always end up, sitting by the fountain.

So since I was trying to get a nice photo of my card - I took it here - lol! Looks funny I know! And I am sure anyone watching me thought I was one coffee bean short of a cappuccino, ha ha!

But today is our last day of the catalog - and I wanted to get my paperwork done too. Didn't happen though - got distracted having coffee and working on some creative ideas....ah well. That is something though - so by tomorrow I will have my new schedule done. Save the rest for Thursday.

And before I wake up tomorrow - a early "HAPPY CANADA DAY" !!!!

That happy day will be here once again! Yaaaay!

Heard - for anyone in my town - that Mandarin Resturant is giving away a free meal for Canadians on Canada Day .......hmmm, sort of have to decide if its worth the long line probably have to weather.....decisions!

Feel bad for the strike affecting some places that will have to cancel their local celebrations - bad timing, I'm afraid. But hopefully everyone will come up with a way to celebrate - even at a minimum around here we have strawberries and whipped topping in some form or another - so have some beautiful strawberries in the fridge right now - really good-looking ones happy to say! We try to come up with different ways to have our strawberry dessert - I think this year we're making the cake we saw on the front of Canadian Living - yummm!

Well - enough chit chat - have a great evening - and a great day tomorrow!!

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