Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ink Refill Dyeing - Part 1

I am back! I have been up to a real smorgasborg of stuff - both crafty stuff and some other real-life business. I have been called to be part of a new batch of volunteers for our local hospital, and to qualify - you must past some screening first and one of those is a TB test which is comprised of 4 appointments! So I am in the midst of that.

Also we have been putting together an outfit for my daughter to wear to her uncle's wedding - we have one of the prettiest dresses - paid premium for it because as you know dresses are in demand for proms as well. Then her long, thick hair! I have been learning how to do 'up=do's !!! Gave my poor daughter a headache after an hour of pulling all her long hair tightly through the flat iron - the slower you do it, the tighter the curl. And with a flat iron, you twist it 180 degrees from the moment you attach some hair near the root. I also put on so much hair-spray that my own hair was coated all over my crown, LOL!!! But, we did do a nice job!

Can't wait till she's all dolled up! Life has its moments, doesn't it?

Between all of this craziness, I more or less skipped around and experimented with my craft stash! I played with punches at Caroline's for one thing - and now I have a little stash of various shapes ready for a quick craft. Then I read about dyeing your ribbon with the ink refills we have. It sounded rather interesting - so I had a go!

I used 2 teaspoons of water for every 4 drops of ink. I also found a very small container so that the ribbon - in this case, a twill tape in 'natural' would coil up in it and be submerged. That way I use less ink and water and the saturation would be pretty good. Next time, I think I would wash the ribbon because if it has 'sizing' or any coating - that could prevent the degree to which the ink penetrates through.

Anyways, the idea was to have some fun! I left the ribbon in for at least half'n' hour but when I squeezed the ribbon of the excess water - much of the colour went too.

But I was still happy with my soft new "Baza Breeze" ribbon !!! After, seeing I had so much of the ink bath left - I dribbled it onto a piece of white 12x12 paper. I finished by 'whipping' the brush from the side in all 4 directions to get elongated dots of ink patterns - just to mix it up a bit.

When I have created something with these I will post Part 2.

Thanks for dropping by!

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