Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day Cards :)

Considering it was Earth Day - I felt a pang of duty to come up with a nod towards recycling in tonights Scrapbook gathering. Funnily enough, the other day I spied a store display box being tossed and I loved: a) the colours, very fresh orange and green - nice! ...and b) the nice design of soft leaf patterns and muted shades of nature speckled throughout. So I nicked it, lol! I knew then I'd do something with it - - and today presented just the right thing. I took that box home and cut it into tiny squares and long thin ribbons......and....a card emerged! From the trash to this....
Against a black backdrop for drama, a green leafy branch {die cut, Big Shot} adorns a 2 inch orange square which in turn is surrounded by a grid of 1 inch squares. To make it interesting, the patterns are different - and the final touch is the long, slim "grasses" just waiting for a butterfly to land on them!
Here is the group of our cards together - it's an easy project - and now you know what to do when you get beautiful packaging! Go for it!
Oh - and here is a haiku I found from a site in Japan and I am going to put into my card later:
"grasses kissed
the flowers blush
for days"
I just thought that went nicely with this particular design......oxox
[all supplies Stampin' Up!]

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