Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Award - a wee find I made! Thanks Glittzy!

Oh dear - I am just getting over to Glittzy who kindly left me a Lovely Blog Award ! I have been a wee bit slow but better late than never? LOL!
I love tea and tea cups - so the picture on the award certainly makes me happy too! Glittzy's lovely blog is a nice place to visit, as you can see if you click on her name - and I must think on passing these awards on! So I will certainly do that - I will think on it and come back shortly as I know so many deserving people, sooooo hard to choose just 7!
Many of these lovely people are from the other side of the pond - and wish I could see them if they lived closer.....ah, sigh!
Thank goodness for blogs! And the Internet!!!

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