Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hug Award

Thank you Queenie for passing me a hug - that is very lovely of you!

In keeping with the spirit of the day, I must pass the hug onto 10 love-ly people! Let's see....I will pass it on to some of my 'local' friends who may not have blogs of their own but I see them often, and to some of my crafty friends, who unfortunately I do not see but we chat, the next best thing.....

Alexandria - Margaret M - Emily M - Bridget M - Mary M - Tammy B - Wendy - Christine - Karen - Carole
Unfortunately, I can only send 10 but many of my 'crafty friends 'receive awards from many people because they are just so darn good at being friendly and crafty - you all know who you are! Mmmwahhh!
Pass it on!

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